The Power of Recognition for Employee Retention

Are you among the 90% of business owners and CEOs struggling with employee retention?

Are you frustrated about the time and energy it takes to recognize employees in a meaningful way?

You are not alone. Hiring and retention are the #1 frustration among CEOs and business owners, consuming up to 40% of their time EVERY day.

We have your back, including giving back some of your time. The Choke Cherry Tree’s corporate gift baskets – ideal for employees and those valued clients and customers – were designed for the frustrated CEO, owner, GM, or HR department in mind.

Research studies show that one key retention factor – and among the top five – is making sure employees feel valued and appreciated. Asking for their opinion is key but along with that, memorable, personalized acknowledgements are the ones that garner the highest staying power.

For the past 24 years, our customers have become memorable gift providers by sending personalized food gift baskets with unique, all-natural, and handmade foods and products that convey appreciation and gratitude from the heart.

And best of all, we do it all for you, including date tracking for monthly employee and client celebrations. Simply choose from a variety of favorite baskets or give us a price point and the gift basket magic happens. Send us your list and it’s turn-key from start to finish, including a personal note card, basket design, shipping, and handling.

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