One Basket – Three Gifts Back

What if you could find a company to fulfill your gifting needs, offers a unique and personalized way to say thank you or I love you – that also gifts back to the local community?

As the saying goes, that which you give comes back to you and in this case – three fold.

For more than 24 years, The Choke Cherry Tree has been committed to “gifting back,” through personalized, homemade, and all-natural yummy food baskets that save you time and money, provide a unique gift to those you love or want to recognize and a corresponding donation back to the local community for every basket sold.

You get the gift of time with turnkey gifting services including a personalized note card, wrapping, shipping, and tracking for those helpful annual reminders so you never miss another important birthday or anniversary. And that special person receives something personalized for them.

And in turn, your gift allows us to gift back by keeping people with disabilities employed and supporting 30+ local charities each year with more than $20,000 of in-kind and service donations.

You win. We win. And the community wins. And that’s what gifting back is all about.

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